Unbiased and Intelligent Property Advice

Property Search Co. offers a no-nonsense approach to search and acquisition of

property in the Cotswolds. We can help you find the perfect property whether

it be your main house, a holiday home or to broaden your investment portfolio.

We offer a simple proposition:

We will help you to FIND a suitable property.

We will support you with the NEGOTIATIONS.

We will guide you through to EXCHANGE & PURCHASE.

We call it a PARTNERSHIP.

Discretion – a private, personal, bespoke and tailored service

Insight – we are on the ground/on site which gives us the edge/local knowledge and speed to market

Research – due diligence/homework and comparisons on each property

Little Black Book – years of building and working with all our contacts means we can put together the right team for you

The Grunt – doing all the paperwork and hand-holding

Confidence – when all is said and done, the confidence to say YES, let’s go for it!

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